Marty Dolciamore


Four performers playing and singing live on the Please Stand By show hosted by Sleepy John on KPIG FM 107.5 I'll be on between 11:30 and noon - I hope you'll tune in, I write my songs for people to hear them.

Marty guitar

Greetings from the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.  A splash of happy Americana, Country, Pop and a dash of Jazzy Blues.  Currently, I'm writing and playing out locally and recording my second CD, "One More Moment" due out in October.

From New York to Phoenix to Minneapolis to L.A - it's been a crazy caravan.  First started playing on Long Island with a local band and then headed west after a stint in the U.S. Navy (singing with the Blue Jacket Choir).  Arizona is where I found my acting chops and then on to Minnesota where I turned professional at the Cricket Theatre.  After a brief hiatus back in Arizona, working summer musicals, I wound up in L.A. where I performed in Film, TV and live stage (my first love).  Good times.

Moving back to Santa Cruz after a crash-and-burn life event, the Muse called and I began writing and found my true love. Songwriting is my essence, what I cannot do without, a lyric and a melody are always dancing around in my spacious head.

I'm currently performing at open mics and "supporting" various venues around the Bay Area actively seeking paying gigs 

I love to travel and I've been to many foreign places and more to come, hopefully.

2018 marks my seventieth trip around old Sol - how swiftly it all flew by.

If you're interested in what you hear, feel free to sign up on my mailing list and I'll keep you informed regarding new songs and events as they happen.

audentes fortuna iuvat