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Rainy Day - March 13, 2016 

Teetering between enthusiasm and morbid depression, I stare out of my studio window today. The mountain forests are flowing with cloudy remnants, the sky is smudged with moving shadows, thick mists cling to the ridges.  Surrounded by silence, alone, I contemplate the journey I've undertaken.
How many times have I stepped off the path? Veered off into the deep nothing that encompasses this thin footpath that meanders up this friggin' hill - too many times to count. So, now in the twilight, do I come to the understanding that the time I have left is a little less than all the time I've squandered.
Can't change that - forgetting what has happened and pushing forward, I will enjoy the smallest details of the road ahead.
From time to time I will revisit this blog and keep you posted on how it's going.

Be well and stay interested.


Audentes fortuna iuvat

Previous events

Marty Dolciamore at the Food Lounge, with friends

Food Lounge, 1001 Center Street Suite One, Santa Cruz, CA

Bob Carter has once again stepped to the fore and carved out a night of four songwriters - I'm privileged to be one of them.
I'll be going on at 7:30 for a thirty minute set and I would love to have a bunch of happy ears gathered around me. Don't leave me lonely, guys -

Marty Dolciamore

 —  —

Vito's Famous Pizza , 1155 Reed Avenue, Sunnyvale

Singer/Songwriters C R Burgan and Marty Dolciamore perform their original music in an intimate setting at Vito's Pizza, at the corner of Lawrence Expressway and Reed Avenue. C R Burgan is a bassist, who performs in several Bay area bands. With a rich warm voice and a friendly style, his songs run from southern blues to Americana. His CD, All Shades all Hues, can be heard at Singer/songwriter/guitarist Marty Dolciamore has performed with C R Burgan for many years and has recently appeared in Austin, TX at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance conference and at Threadgills. An Americana songwriter with a poets heart and a back east wit, his songs run from the casual to the quirky - Although it's listed as free - there will be CD's for sale and donations will be gratefully accepted.

Massage, Wine, Chocolate & Music

 —  —

Ivy's Porch, 5311 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley

Fun event on, Sunday, May 7th, from 1 to 4 p.m. - twenty minute massage for twenty dollars with complimentary wine and chocolate. A different present for that special lady - and a wonderful afternoon. And did I mention live music? Oh, yes, provided by Marty Dolciamore

Chili Cook Off with the B Movie Kings


I will be playing with the B Movie Kings a the Great Chili Cook Off in Aptos, California