Amazing Love

Marty Dolciamore

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This is my debut showcase EP, a representative collection of four of my songs, each one unique in style and feel. From the eponymous rock tribute holler in praise of love to the honky tonk country epiphany of where it all comes from, these are tight, well written tunes that need to be heard. audentes fortuna iuvat

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AMAZING LOVE © 2016, Marty Dolciamore, ASCAP

Like a gift from on high you fell into my life, chased all the gray away.

It was beautiful too, you made everything new, I will never forget that day.

No questions asked, no strings attached, good old unconditional stuff.


It's bigger than the sky on a no moon night, it's as tiny as a babies kiss.

It's beyond belief, it's so wide, it's so deep, it's the answer to a dreamer's wish.

It's so divine it makes the devil cry, it's what God above is made of.


You put a spark in my heart, a little hope in the dark, you give me what I need.
Sometimes it seems you're just a dream,but you're as real as the air I breathe.
You make time stand still, such a crazy thrill every time we touch


From now on you're going to hear this song, sing it to you every day.
I'll sing it from my knees I need you to see, I mean every word I say.
Sing it out loud, oh, there'll be no doubt, how I feel about the two of us.





TOO TOUGH TO LOVE © 2016, Marty Dolciamore, ASCAP

I'm an ex con's son,
Never knew what he'd done,
Or if he'd done anything at all.
He served his time,
Got fifteen years, he did nine,
Behind those cold, gray state prison walls.

He was hard, he was mean
Inside those iron bars
That's how he had to be.
There was a wall around his heart,
Made of thick solid rock
I did the best that I could do
It was never good enough
He was -  too tough to love.

He'd always preach to me,
It was a sin being weak,
Got to be strong, better never back down
Fathers day, I must have been twelve,
I gave him a card I made myself,
He tore it up, threw it on the ground.

Momma's eyes were red, I could see them as I walked inside.
With that box of dad's ashes, I was holding them tight.
She stood up and said, look at that,
You know, son, that's the first time I've ever seen you hug your dad.


Out of Nowhere © 2016, Marty Dolciamore, ASCAP

Not so long ago, my life was dark and cold,

Like an old pot of coffee someone left out on the stove.

The sun started shining, it got downright hot for a change,

When I heard you say, "Hey, cowboy, what's your name?"


Out of nowhere, out of nowhere,

Like an arrow in the dark,

You flew right to my heart.

Angel eyes, shining in mid air.

You came, from,

Out of nowhere, nowhere


In dream after dream, you'd come and go so suddenly.

Now here you are, sweet flesh and blood, smiling back at me.

This time I know you won't run away, you're here to stay,

It's good to know God listens when I pray.


A blazing bolt of lightning,

Out of a sky so blue and clear

All my lonely nights, in a flash of light, disappeared.


Let Her Go © 2016, Marty Dolciamore, ASCAP

With a whisper and a touch,

And that smile that said so much,

You couldn't bring yourself to say, "no".

She's long gone,

Like an old summer song,

You remember every word she spoke.


Let her go, let her go,

You're holding on to nothing but the shadow of a ghost.

Let her go, let her go,

She was never with you, even when you held her,

Held her close


There were signs everywhere,

You didn't see them, you didn't care,

You were so surprised to realize.

She wasn't there for you,

She was just passing through

She left without saying good bye.


Let her go, Let her go

Let her fly away, back to yesterday,