Sense of Nation

We have lost our sense of nation, our vision, our genius, our truth. The red, white and blue has been reduced to black and white, us and them, wrong and right, libtards and alt righties, jackasses and stuffy pachyderms. Across…

Wet Day

It's raining - I love the rain - especially when I'm dry and warm. The earth is nurtured, the sky is scoured clean and the sun shines a lot brighter afterwards - and rainbows, oh yes, rainbows.

There is…

My name

For my entire life I've heard my last name pronounced so many different ways. I can't fault folks, it's an unusual name and I've been easy and understanding regarding their attempts to say it.

So, let's review - my…


Sitting in silence

There is something special about silence, it allows you to hear past the obvious, the deeper calls coming from across a gaping chasm. Salutations, revelations, irreverent intimations - do angels dream? Spirit never sleeps, it's always seeking to fill, to…


Songwriting, my process

Okay!! I've written a song, a powerful song and I'm in what I call my "smug" phase, i.e. "Damn, this is a great song! I can't wait to get out and play it. Folks are going to go nuts about…

Thoughts on live music

Saw a singer/songwriter I know last night and I was impressed at how well he was "playing" the room. It was a sit down eatery, various people schmoozing, boozing and chewing - typical. He was the perfect complement to the…

Amazing Love EP

It's been busy around here the last month or so.
I'm prepping for  a House Concert in Ben Lomond in a week, I have a new grand daughter (Hello, Abby!) and my debut EP is coming out on January 20th…

Things that matter to me

I watch some guitarists and I smile. I smile a lot. Out of all of my talents, my guitar playing is the area I spend a lot of practice in improving, about an hour a day. 
The balancing act between…


When the dry land appears

It is inevitable, unavoidable - the seas of wonder crash and thunder against the sands for a time, a magical, ephemeral, brief period of time.  Ideas cascade down like so many cresting waves, pouring into each other, rushing and gushing

Backing into a song

Late night, picking through a pattern, a theme emerges, I mine it, digging, digging... a day or two later, after about a hundred repetitions, I have a fleshed out  "piece" but what the hell is it?
Yes, I know, it's

When stuff you have no control over changes

OK, so life is what happens while you're making plans. I've always been a bit stoic about this, at times it's irritated the hell out of me, but not so much lately.  It's all wasted time. Time I could have…