Sitting in silence

There is something special about silence, it allows you to hear past the obvious, the deeper calls coming from across a gaping chasm. Salutations, revelations, irreverent intimations - do angels dream? Spirit never sleeps, it's always seeking to fill, to complete or to overcome.
A painter has a canvas, a white blankness that begs to be transformed.
For a musician, silence is our canvas, our mute sacred tabernacle, where creation meets joy, and rips apart solitude with a scattering and a gathering of frequencies drifting about like a flock of lost wild geese into a sonorous cloud of sound that rains down feelings upon the ear.
... and sometimes, I just noodle on my guitar, that's cool too.

Two songs in progress right now, don't know how soon before they fledge - or if they'll just stay in the nest.

Be well, my friends


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