I don't wait for the muse

Relaxing into the numb buzz that washes up around me sometimes, blank mind staring, just not caring about the disregard my muse is showing me right now. I'll keep at the digging and the discovering until she comes back, shows…


How I handle praise

Compliments after a show, 
Always thank the person, then thank God for the talent,
bask in the glow for awhile and then remind yourself you can do better.


Dressing up my songs

Working on a song this morning and what I usually do after I get some shape to the song is I start working on turnarounds. 
I like turn arounds and introductions because I want a complete song when I play…



Final editing and mastering is almost completed on my EP, "Amazing".  It should be ready by late December, 2016.  I've chosen the EP format to briefly (four songs) show my breadth as a writer. There is rock, country, blues and…

Rainy Day - March 13, 2016

Teetering between enthusiasm and morbid depression, I stare out of my studio window today. The mountain forests are flowing with cloudy remnants, the sky is smudged with moving shadows, thick mists cling to the ridges.  Surrounded by silence, alone, I…