Amazing Love EP

It's been busy around here the last month or so.
I'm prepping for  a House Concert in Ben Lomond in a week, I have a new grand daughter (Hello, Abby!) and my debut EP is coming out on January 20th - too much fun.
I've been writing and performing for a very long time, either as an actor on stage or on film or TV or playing guitar and singing around the world.  On the advice of one Jimmy Webb to go out and perform the songs you write, I've been doing just that.
Now, it's time to see if my efforts can find an audience, in any way I can.
Call this a dream deferred. I've worked all sorts of jobs throughout my life and I'm glad to be in a position now where I can finally do what I love. 
If you're partial to dreamers, you know, those people who make stuff out of nothing, you will find that this EP has that sheen that shows long and careful effort, a desire to rise above and sparkle.
PLease take a listen, you will not be disappointed.

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