My name

For my entire life I've heard my last name pronounced so many different ways. I can't fault folks, it's an unusual name and I've been easy and understanding regarding their attempts to say it.

So, let's review - my last name is Italian. That's right, Italian.  Just like Amerigo Vespucci - do you remember him? How did you pronounce his name? Do you realize that this Italian name is where America comes from? Funny, huh?

Dolciamore:  Dole - chee - ah - MORE- ay   - go ahead, say it a couple of times. First time I heard it said properly was in Sorrento, Italy - boy, that's a great memory.

It's actually two Italian words combined - "dolci" - something sweet, like a sweet dessert and "amore" which means love - Sweet Love.

Man, that is a classy name.

I've been told by well meaning people, relatives, strangers - that I need to change my name to be able to have any success in the performing arts. For a time, as an actor, I did shorten my last name but as I grew older I kept asking myself, " Why? It's a great name. Greatest gift my father gave me beside life itself." 

The best thing for me to do is to gently educate as I'm attempting to do here. During the course of a show, if the audience is paying attention, I simply explain it to them. Without any undue emotion or emphasis. Life's a box of chocolates, but you can't cram them down someones throat.

In the spirit of my name, I offer you this brief explanation. Ciao!

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