Rainy Day - March 13, 2016

Teetering between enthusiasm and morbid depression, I stare out of my studio window today. The mountain forests are flowing with cloudy remnants, the sky is smudged with moving shadows, thick mists cling to the ridges.  Surrounded by silence, alone, I contemplate the journey I've undertaken.
How many times have I stepped off the path? Veered off into the deep nothing that encompasses this thin footpath that meanders up this friggin' hill - too many times to count. So, now in the twilight, do I come to the understanding that the time I have left is a little less than all the time I've squandered.
Can't change that - forgetting what has happened and pushing forward, I will enjoy the smallest details of the road ahead.
From time to time I will revisit this blog and keep you posted on how it's going.

Be well and stay interested.


Audentes fortuna iuvat

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