Final editing and mastering is almost completed on my EP, "Amazing".  It should be ready by late December, 2016.  I've chosen the EP format to briefly (four songs) show my breadth as a writer. There is rock, country, blues and folk. 

I'm performing with a very talented bassist, writer and singer,   C R BURGAN
His love of all things blues is reflected in his music and in his interpretation of his songs, a very talented entertainer. 

We are currently looking to book some home concerts in the Santa Cruz, Monterey or San Jose area. Home concerts are an intimate way to experience new music, much like the way people entertained themselves before the internet or cable TV.  These concerts can be shaped to suit your needs. Looking to generate some income for a cause, or perhaps a surprise concert for a spouse or loved one or just an evening soiree with friends, food and music - the possibilities are pretty open. 

If you're interested in learning more, please call me, 831 588 3234. I would love to talk with you about your project.  And if you have hosted a house concert, thank you for supporting live music and consider booking us for a night. 

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