Wet Day

It's raining - I love the rain - especially when I'm dry and warm. The earth is nurtured, the sky is scoured clean and the sun shines a lot brighter afterwards - and rainbows, oh yes, rainbows.

There is also the wonderful wet and spongy feel of water falling all around you as you saunter through the woods.  The dripping branches, the splashy puddles, the soggy kisses on your face and hands and the dampness that creeps in on you, like that hug from that one Aunt who always surprises you.

No wonder that we are baptized in water, we bathe in water and we drink copious amounts of it - we are water. Big soggy bags of it, slogging around this great green rock of ours, gobbling up all the things around us that are filled with water - the plants, the animals and the moist life giving air we breathe.  The patter of rain on a roof, snuggled up in a warm comforter, with a mug of something wet and hot, simply listening to the gentle rat a tat rapping of it dancing above us.  Today, I will give thanks for the blessings that rain brings and pray that the storms to come do not fall too heavily on anyone.



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