January 24 - Sharing

We share the air and sunsets and sudden storms, we all know darkness and the glowing moon.  Rain soaks us and the sun light warms us.  The impending end and the confusion that it creates – we share it all. 

We share the road and restrooms.  Street side diners and take out. The suddenness of birth and the struggle to dream. 

The mystical body – so ancient, so sacred – it’s a privilege to be a part of such a beautiful living dream. 

I used to share songs I’d heard with my music buddies, especially new albums.  The ritual peeling off of the plastic, the gentle squeeze to open the cover and the soft pop of the needle touching down.

First time I heard, “You’re going to lose that girl” I immediately called a friend and we got together and listened to it. Sharing listening – who knew? 

As a guitar player, I love the counter play with other players, sometimes the assist and sometimes the melody, sometimes the groove and sometimes the third above voice. 

That’s great music – people sharing, at a high level of love. 

Sharing – here’s someone I want to share with you, a nice man and a wonderful writer, blues singer and bassman -

C R Burgan

Keep sharing

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