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  1. Too Tough To Love
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Vocals - Marty Dolciamore
Bass - C R Burgan
Drums - Zack Olsen
Harmonica - George Stachnik
Hammond B3 - Dale Ockerman


I'm an ex con's son,
Never knew what he'd done,
Or if he'd done anything at all.
He served his time,
Got fifteen years, he did nine,
Behind those cold, gray state prison walls.

  He was hard, he was mean
  Inside those iron bars
  That's how he had to be.
  There was a wall around his heart,
  Made of thick solid rock
  I did the best that I could do
  It was never good enough
  He was - too tough to love.

He'd always preach to me,
It was a sin being weak,
Got to be strong, better never back down
Fathers day, I must have been twelve,
I gave him a card I made myself,
He tore it up, threw it on the ground.


Momma's eyes were red, I could see them as I walked inside.
With that box of dad's ashes, I was holding them tight.
She stood up and said, look at that,
You know, son, that's the first time I've ever seen you hug your dad.