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  1. Let Her Go
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Vocals - Marty Dolciamore
Bass - C R Burgan
Drums - Zack Olsen
Cello - Barry Phillips
Viola, Violin - Chad Katinger


With a whisper and a touch,

And that smile that said so much,

You couldn't bring yourself to say, "no".

She's long gone,

Like an old summer song,

You remember every word she spoke.

Let her go, let her go,

You're holding on to nothing but the shadow of a ghost.

Let her go, let her go,

She was never with you, even when you held her,

Held her close

There were signs everywhere,

You didn't see them, you didn't care,

You were So surprised to realize.

She wasn't there for you,

She was just passing through

She left without saying good bye.

Let her go, Let her go

Let her fly away, back to yesterday,

Let her go.