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  1. Out of Nowhere
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Vocals - Marty Dolciamore
Bass - C R Burgan
Drums - Zack Olsen
Piano - Nicki Petruzella Kerns
Pedal Steel - Charlie Wallace


Not so long ago, my life was dark and cold,

Like an old pot of coffee someone left out on the stove.

The sun started shining, it got downright hot for a change,

When I heard you say, "Hey, cowboy, what's your name?"

Out of nowhere, out of nowhere,

Like an arrow in the dark,

You flew right to my heart.

Angel eyes, shining in mid air.

You came, from,

Out of nowhere, nowhere

In dream after dream, you'd come and go so suddenly.

Now here you are, sweet flesh and blood, smiling back at me.

This time I know you won't run away, you're here to stay,

It's good to know God listens when I pray.


A blazing bolt of lightning,

Out of a sky so blue and clear

All my lonely nights, in a flash of light, disappear.