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Three way cowrite with Kevin Rowe and Marty Dodson


Girl you oughta quit looking in the mirror,
Never like anything you see
Want to know how you look tonight,
All you got to do is ask me (ask me)

I can't find one thing wrong
I love everything you got going on
Nothing else that you need to do,
'Cept let me wrap my arms around you.

  If you ain't perfect,
  I ain't sure if anything is.
  If you ain't perfect,
  Must be something that I missed
  When I'm holding you like this
  Girl I have to say,
  If you ain't perfect,
  You sure feel that way.

Only thing I'd change about you,
Is the way you see yourself.
Top to bottom and inside out,
Girl there ain't nobody else.
Quite as beautiful with a bigger heart
I love everything you are